“Accelerated Transformation Blueprint Masterclass”: Solve Your Biggest Headache In 21 Days (Even A Migraine)

by Duke Runyan, the Leadership Guru Guy

What is your biggest pain-in-the-butt? Is it a people-problem? Is it of migraine proportions ?  Whatever your pain, The “Accelerated Transformation Blueprint Masterclass” will provide the solutions to your problems, and more. The ATB Masterclass  will enable you and your team to “go where you’ve never gone before”.

All problems, whatever business you are in, are essentially people problems. The ATB Masterclass is in the business of solving people problems.

Whatever the poor results,  lack of sales, low motivation, bad attitude, or whatever…generally speaking, people do not change unless a change agent enters their life.

The ATB Masterclass is that change agent. It is a leadership development system combining elements of both civilian and military leadership training, and  development, programs.

Developed by Duke Runyan, The Leadership Guru Guy and a former Marine Officer, the ATB Masterclass can:

1.)Change a Corporate  Culture in 30 days and

2.)Create a Company of “Total Leaders” in 90 days, (the “New Ninety-Day-Wonder Project”).

The Accelerated Transformation Blueprint Masterclass is the “Change Agent from Hell“…this  Masterclass will permanently change tepid,  negative attitudes,  replacing them  with the attitude of a winner, an “I-WILL-NOT-BE-DENIED!” attitude.

Around the end of the third week, ATB Masterclass participants experience a major attitudinal breakthrough , a series of “Aha!” moments leading to a euphoric feeling of positive expectancy (which some have even called an epiphany). This feeling comes from knowing, without a doubt,  that you 1).have unlimited potential, and that, 2). your  wildest dreams can, and will, come true.

The ATB Masterclass  is like an insurance policy, guaranteeing the Uber-Success of your business,or organization.The ATB Masterclass speeds up the process of change and accelerates growth by focusing on the three critical factors for spectacular life success:

  1. Positive Mental Attitude- A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) has UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. Most attitudes, randomly gleaned from one’s environment, are generally negative, with finite limits.
  2. Goal Direction- A COMPREHENSIVE SET OF GOALS in every area of life ensures a balanced, creative, and enthusiastic attitude and lifestyle.
  3.  Self-Motivation- When a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is mixed with Goal Direction, Self-Motivation is the result; a high degree of self motivation results in MASSIVE SUCCESS.

Sucess Formula: PMA + Goals = Self-Motivation=Massive Success

ATB Masterclass Results & Milestones

  1. Install New Attitude – Thirty Days
  2. Identify Goals & Develop A Plan of Action- Three Months
  3. Execute the Plan/Results Management- Lifetime

This new attitude of ‘positive expectancy’ is what puts the joy in living. It is a feeling of anticipation not unlike the ‘Night-Before-Christmas’-feeling you got as a child. It is an  awesome experience to truly know, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that your wildest dreams WILL come true.

The Accelerated Transformation Blueprint Masterclass

The ATB Masterclass Program consists of four Modules:

Module I. Weekly Group Coaching  Call- The “Lesson of the Week” dealing with Leadership, Motivation, Goal Setting, Effective Selling, and Time Management will be delivered in a Weekly  Conference Call, and repeated daily for that entire week, utilizing the awesome power of “spaced repetition” as a learning technique to “over learn and internalize” the subject matter. Monthly enrollment fee: $997

Module II. Includes Module I PLUS : home study manual, cd’s, and Plan of Action workbook produced by LMI (http://www.lmi-world.com)  PLUS a Weekly Personal Coaching Call . Monthly enrollment fee: $2,497

Module III. Includes Modules I & II PLUS Monthly Mastermind Brainstorming call with the Leadership Guru Guy and with fellow CEOs,. Monthly enrollment fee: $4,997

Module IV. Includes Modules I, II,& III PLUS Monthly Mastermind Meeting with your Executive Team, facilitated by The Leadership Guru Guy.. Monthly enrollment fee: $9,997

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